Marco Valente has created his 2010 collection with distinct underlying themes:
Classic: Here the creative interpretation of the "classic jewelry" theme with creative use of gems and advanced application of technology are blended together through traditional craftmanship into a unique piece of everyday jewelry. The rings are flexible and soft while the creative and close setting of stones conveys an extreme sense of completeness and 
luxury. The bracelets are flexible, soft and their convex form portrays an incredible effect of volume with the minimum use of stones. The easy to wear necklaces complete this collection of great portability and unbeatable value. 

Rock: The creative and distinctive style of Marco Valente and his historic use of colored combinations of white diamonds and colored sapphires and other gemstones is merged together in the Rock collection.
The bracelets and necklaces have a modern personality: coloured, curvy, wearable and soft, with a very important component of emotional engineering which makes it a unique collection. The aim is to introduce a different collection where it becomes easier to feel the beauty and the difference on a well known theme. Colours are soft and every jewel piece not only conveys the discretion of the dégradé but also the care of the labour behind its creation. All pieces are very light to be as comfortable to wear as possible. Stones are held by custom designed very thin golden claws that emphasize the stones used. This high quality of manufacture and in house construction of the collets creates a full stone effect where the jewel acquires more prominence and a unique elegance from the almost infinite dégradé obtained. The shade of colored tones in bracelets and necklaces are never flat nor predictable but frequently peaking in unexpected colours.
Papillon: Marco Valente has again cleverly anticipated jewelry fashion trends with the butterfly theme brought together in a collection with imaginative combinations of mother of pearl, coloured diamonds and gemstones. 
Particular manufacturing techniques are used from personalized custom cut stones to the  exact computer assisted precision cut of the mother-of-pearl. Together these are then set to give a beautiful decorative, mobile and ethereal effect difficult to replicate. The resulting mothers of pearl rings are an eccentric jewel to be admired. The other butterfly rings use various setting combinations: a wing maybe pavé while the other may be a claw setting or gold. The resulting strong contrast between the wings maximizes the artistic value and distinctiveness. 
The precious necklaces are perfect for ceremonies and for the lady who loves jewels, who recognizes and appreciates the beauty of craftsmanship and style and who wants to distinguish herself through it. The handmade chains are specifically designed for this collection, and they are all made of tourmalines and sapphires in different shades of pink. 
The earrings and the small rings are little luxuries which can always be worn in any occasion, both prêt-à-porter and formal events. They have a comfortable touch and they enlighten the face enhancing complexion, eye and hair color.
Alliance: A collection of highly refined rings, designed for the highly cultured and discerning woman who wants something precious and of clearly perceivable but affordable value. Each design has been carefully researched to create softness and maximum comfort. Particular attention has been given to the hidden inside surfaces which are finished with either enamel in various colors or set with stones for a stylish but secret luxury. One version is set half in white diamonds and half in black diamonds in order to make it versatile as an evening or day jewel. Gold colour is white, yellow or red and in harmony with the stone colors options of two particular types of rhodium plating which can make the jewel nearly anthracite or bronze colour.
Ipanema: The collection has been designed to offer a wonderful easy to wear prêt-à-porter jewel with a light and colored flavour thanks to both the semiprecious stones and the sapphires. Central stones have a multifaceted pineapple cut creating a particular shine and brilliance. Colors are warm and subtle and understatedly refined. The cuts  are round and smooth edged creating a soft, encapsulating attractive and comfortable feeling to the touch. The central stone is large, but not enormous extenuating the effect of volume without being excessive.  Red or white gold depending on variants, pavé or peroile setting on the side where diamonds are sprinkled.  
All rings are available to match earrings and pendant variants. All clasps are personalized and the jewels are set with multicolor sapphires, brown diamonds, pink and green sapphires, blue sapphires, tsavorites, while aqua marine, prasiolite, amethyst, light blue topaz, pink or smoked quartz are used for the central stones.