MV JEWELS and the brand Marco Valente Design™ was born in 2009 representing the coloured image of Marco Valente's world where passion is the main feature of each creation expressing through the jewel itself with a precise personality.


Unique, Authentic and Creative Italian Style

Marco Valente maintains uniqueness and authenticity by combining his creative Italian style of fashion and artistry in jewelry in a fusion of state of the art techniques, exquisite gemstones and the skills of Italy’s extraordinary goldsmiths.


Surrounded by Milan's energy, creativity and cultural dynamism, Marco Valente Design brings new interpretation to each jewelry collection. The innovative use of color, unusual gemstones, unique shapes and unconventional materials set in 18kt gold transform each ring, bracelet, earring and necklace into a wearable and timeless work of art.


Marco Valente was the 2008 winner of “Haute Couture” section of the Couture Design Awards, Las Vegas and his creations have been featured in recent issues of Vanity Fair.


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Overview of Brand

The Brand is firmly positioned within the high jewelry category of the “fashionable“ luxury market deliberately avoiding “accessible luxury” and the “mass-tique” trends of "commodity" diamond pendants and rings. Those who choose Marco Valente Design are assured of the uniqueness and distinctiveness of style and design and the rarity of each piece reproduced in limited quantities for only the best jewelers around the world.


The common thread is: Distinctive Italian Style, Advanced Technological Design, Comfort, Superb Italian Craftsmanship and the High Quality of all Materials employed. 


A further differentiator is the Brands ability to deviate from the standard, to create total uniqueness in matching the affluent customer's demands whether in color of gold or color and type of gems.


Below an exquisite example from Valente's "Papillon" 2010 collection.


Marco Valente's Background

The Valente Family's jewelry business was founded in Milan in 1953 by Marco's father, Tranquillo Valente.

Following Marco studies into gemology in Milan, from late in the 1980’s he took his father’s successful vision to new levels, positioning it as a high end brand,  designed in an avant-garde style, to exalt the beauty of a cosmopolitan woman. 

Marco’s creations have also been commissioned by prestige luxury names such as John Galliano, Tiffany, Dior and Richard Mille. Below are shown some examples of Marco's earlier work both for his former brand Valente Milano and for John Galliano.