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Sunday, August 22, 2010

At last a unique, wearable luxury jewelry brand available in the Caribbean
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Distributor's Background

The management team of WQE, luxury lifestyle distributor for the Americas, brings over 50 years of combined business experience to support MV Jewels S.r.l., the Milan based company of Marco Valente, and Marco Valente's new brand, Marco Valente Design, and our specially selected Retail Partners.


Our professional development and expertise has been gained at senior management positions in the diamond industry and within well known consumer and fashion branded products industries. The complementary roles of our team cover all aspects of business from business strategy down to operational management. The comprehensive functional knowhow in consumer and trade marketing, category management, retailing, international supply chain management, finance and control together bring an unprecidented set of skills and competences to Luxury Jewelry Brand Distribution in the region.

Together with Marco Valente we are a closely integrated and skilled stylist/manufacturer/distributor team focussed
         on developing the MVJ Brand. 
We look forward to applying our skills and networks in assisting our business
         partners and in supporting
         the development of value creation within their businesses .  


Marco Valente Design

Macro Valente, following his break away from the Burani Group in 2009, where his creations grew into a multi-million Euro brand, has now established his Marco Valence Design brand within his new company MV Jewels. 

With its head office in the Italian Fashion Capital of Milan and its manufacturing base strongly rooted in the heart of Italy’s historic and traditional international jewelry centre, MV Jewels continues Marco's internationally acclaimed and long standing tradition of creative and forward looking Italian style combined with state-of-art design, carefully selected materials and exquisite traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Each piece of Marco's creations are characterized by their versatility from casual wear to formal events, lightness and comfort in the adornment of the discerning woman and as always are stunning and beautiful works of art.